Some horses were found nearly starved to death, flies were swarming around open wounds and dozens were living in horrible conditions on the ranch near Conroe, Texas.

KCBD News reports the couple was arrested Wednesday night (June 24) and bonded out Thursday, but won't be allowed back on their farm during the investigation.

The Houston SPCA was called in and told reporters that they have over 200 horses and they will be doing bloodwork and diagnostics on them. Most have never had their feet trimmed, many were simply starving to death.

When they brought out hay to the horses, one limped to the pile as fast as it could.

Officers will be at the farm around the clock to make sure the owners don't try to take any horses or tamper with evidence. A custody hearing in the case is set for Tuesday.

Thankfully, now the horses are in good hands, but it makes you wonder why it took so long for someone to notice this and report it to authorities. I don't know if things just got away from the couple or what, but there's no excuse for this. If you can't feed your animals, or choose not to, sell them to someone who will!

Warning: the video below is graphic.

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