A family in Farmers Branch, Texas in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex have put their house up for sale, using vulgar language and calling out a dispute with their neighbors.

James and Lisa Price put up the 'for sale' sign up after a six-month long feud with their neighbor who had called police about their barking dogs.

The final straw came about a week ago when the Prices received a $120 citation from the city for the barking dogs. Mrs. Price said they had been trying to minimize the barking by keeping the dogs inside more.

According to Good Morning America, the next door neighbor has surveillance cameras pointed at the Price's backyard and their master bedroom.

The sign reads 'House For Sale By Owner Because My Neighbor Is A Douchebag' came as an act of retaliation from the Prices. Mrs. Price said they put up the sign in the hopes that the neighbor would "back off."

Farmer's Branch spokesman Tom Bryson told ABC News that the sign isn't illegal: "Our sign ordinance has very little language about private property, so when it comes down to something like this, it is a first amendment right."

The Prices said they have no plans to remove the sign, but would like the neighbor to pay their $120 citation.

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