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Texas House Democrats have fled Texas and they have no plans of coming back anytime soon.

More than 51 House Democrats, enough to break a quorum, packed up and left on Monday. They boarded charted buses and flew on private plans to Washington, D.C. all to avoid voting on legislation dealing with Voter Integrity. Democrats claim the bill amounts to voter suppression.

If there aren't enough lawmakers for a quorum in the House, than no work can be done. No bills can be passed and work will come to a close. Eyes are also on the Texas Senate as Democrats in the Senate could stage a walk-out of their own.

Texas Democrats say they fled to Washington, D.C. because they need the help of Congress in passing legislation overhauling elections. Legislation they do not have the votes for the in Senate. Texas House Democrats suggested they were prepared to stay in Washington until after the special session ends and claimed they are doing their jobs according to the Texas Tribune.

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