Three masters of their trade in Texas just broke a world record, and the only real surprise is that this hasn't been done before now.

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The standing record was 40 hours and 53 minutes, set by a group from Italy, Texas in 2017, which was easily beaten in the recent event.

Food World Records

Some Guinness World Records seem easier to break than others, so the competition is pretty intense. For example, in the last two years, the M&M stacking record has been broken three times, as each new record inspires more people who think it's a easy feat.

Longest Barbecue Marathon Record

One of the best parts about this particular record getting a reset? All of the resulting food was donated to local frontline workers and charities.

Food and Wine magazine reports that for three days last week, three pitmasters from Panther City BBQ in Fort Worth worked the grill for 40 hours, 49 minutes, and 17 seconds, setting a new Guinness World Record for longest barbecue marathon at one of America's BBQ capitals in Texas.

According to a event spokesperson, 450 pounds of burgers, 300 pounds of taplitas and fajitas, and 100 pounds of both peppers and onions topped the grill in the mass cooking event. Charities that benefited from the feast included Fort Worth Police, Fort Worth Fire Department, and the Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center.

Top BBQ Joints in Texas

Panther City BBQ was also on Texas Monthly's 2021 Top BBQ Joints list. Some of their signature dishes include pork belly poppers, brisket elote (corn off the cob), and Nutter Butter cheesecake pudding.

After All That BBQ, Ice Cream Would Hit The Spot!

Blue Bell is the official ice cream of Texas, and my personal favorite. According to a new list of the 15 best brands of ice cream nationwide, Blue Bell was ranked in the middle.

In addition to ingredients, texture, and variety, Tasting Table used Influenster and other site reviews as part of its ranking process.

Scroll on to find out how Blue Bell compared to the number one ice cream, and how all 15 on the list were judged.

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