It's graduation season in Lubbock and it's also the perfect season for Texas melons. Brenda Duby with United Supermarkets joined me today to discuss how United has you covered when it comes to graduation parties and snacks.

Duby mentioned that you may want to pick up honeydew melons which are buy one get one free this week. Duby suggested picking up the melons along with cantaloupes and baby watermelons. Cut them up and serve with eggs and they make a great grab and go breakfast.

Duby also made a great suggestion which was to take some of the fruit, freeze it, and then put it in water later and you will have flavored water.

When it comes to graduation parties and gifts, United has you covered with of course food but also plates, flowers, cakes, and so much more. Don't forget about gift cards too which you can get at United Supermarkets.

Get all of Brenda's tips by listening to the video above!

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