With climate science in the news and people's opinions all the time these days, I found it really cool that Texas Tech has an internationally recognized professor on the subject. Meet Professor Katharine Hayhoe.

Professor Hayhoe has been a leading voice on the climate for years, and I'm just now hearing about her. So I thought I'd share what I've found with you. Its always nice to have another reason to be proud of Lubbock, and of course Texas Tech.

I was made aware of her just yesterday when a friend posted about her on Facebook. She was interviewed by the BBC, which is a really big deal. The BBC's program Newshour interviewed her about the head of the EPA's stance on climate change and how that compares with the science behind the facts of the issue. Here is a brief clip from that interview:

After listening to that I wanted to know a little more about our professor and I found a bunch of stuff from and about her at the PBS website. She's apparently a favorite of theirs, and now mine too. One of my favorite short videos of her is about how her Christian faith, along with her pastor husband's, have helped shape their views about our planet.

There are quite a few more clips about Professor Hayhoe online at this PBS link, and I'm sure lots of other places too. As a Texas Tech alumni and life-long Lubbockite I'm proud to include the professor as a part of my community. Keep up the good work!


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