As spring breaks across the land, the horrible insects that make our lives hell are returning too. And ticks are at the top of that awful list. So learn how to avoid getting them, and how to remove them properly if you get one. Hint: No matches necessary.

If you have animals, or like going outside, then you might have a run in with ticks. Unlike mosquitoes, ticks are super gross and vomit inducing. I mean I really hate ticks. Especially when they do that weird grey raisin thing where they're all full and look like they're about to pop. Guess what, that's not blood they're full of, its baby ticks. AAAGHGHGHGH!!!!

PBS, Deep Look, KQED, and Skunk Bear posted this video all about ticks, their life cycles, and how they get you. I've never had the squeemies so bad in my life.

Watch this video and learn how to avoid getting these disgusting bastards. Oh and try not to puke watching it too. I already watched it once, and I'm buying a hazmat suit on Amazon today for when I go outside this summer.

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