There is a video by an incoming student to Texas Tech named Brandon Wilson where he says some really stupid and racist stuff. But I don't think Texas Tech should revoke his acceptance, and I'll tell you why.

First, if you haven't seen the video already, you can watch it here. But be warned: there is plenty of bad language, and racist language, used throughout it.

This video was picked up by a well-known writer on Facebook, and he said Texas Tech should revoke Brandon's admission to our school. While I understand his side -- wanting to keep racists from any sort of upward movement in our society -- I disagree with Texas Tech revoking his admission for a number of reasons.

  1. Brandon said some really racist stuff and used some really racist terms, but his racism is due to his ignorance, not his hate. There is a BIG difference between someone that hates other races and wants to see them exterminated from the earth, and someone who is ignorant of what racism includes and why saying some things are hurtful and racist. Brandon is ignorant, not hateful.
  2. Texas Tech is an institute of higher education with a huge multicultural student population that could very easily teach Brandon a whole lot about the world outside of his upbringing. I believe that his ignorance is merely a lack of exposure to anything outside of his childhood, including other races and cultures. I'm not saying he's never been around anything but white people; I'm saying he hasn't truly spent time learning about all the richness that a true multicultural experience like a university can bring. Texas Tech's experience is EXACTLY what he needs.
  3. Taking something that Brandon earned, like his acceptance to Texas Tech, away from him will only make him angry at those he would feel caused him to lose it. If Texas Tech were to revoke his hard-earned admission to a large university, Brandon, being human, wouldn't see it as a learning moment where he would improve his vocabulary and understanding of other cultures. He would harbor anger towards the people he felt forced the issue, which would in turn only fuel people's dislike of other people -- namely, the outside groups on the internet that are calling for this. If you want Brandon to become a better version of himself, then allow him a higher education and four years of life lessons with the thousands of people from all over the world who will join him at Texas Tech.

I personally think Texas Tech did the right thing in the response they've given so far.

Let Brandon go to Texas Tech and learn about the world he lives in. He isn't full of hate, and if you watch the video you would know that. He just needs a little more time with other people and cultures to refine his thoughts and ideas. And Texas Tech University is the perfect place for him to do that.


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