First of all, Texas Tech has made the NCAA Tournament. Outperforming expectations is a great feeling. That being said, going one and done would be a terrible feeling. So let's focus on moving on to the round of 32.


The biggest problem that Texas Tech has faced this year is consistency. Aaron Ross can score 20 one night and then not even be in the gym for the Big 12 tournament, for example. For Tech to move on they must find the consistency that they thrived on during the conference win streak they enjoyed during the regular season.

The team also needs to have someone step up as a scorer. This team is better when 1 or 2 players are responsible for the big shots. Toddrick Gotcher or Aaron Ross have proven to be capable scorers who can hit big shots in big moments. If Ross has a big game in the first round then expect Texas Tech to move on.

Texas Tech v Texas
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Norense Odiase also needs to find a way to mesh back into this lineup that had a great run without him. He will need to provide a strong presence and some offensive rebounds during his minutes on the court.

Also, get to the free throw line and make the shots.


This might be as simple as defending the arc. Texas Tech owns the size advantage so Butler will likely live outside the paint. The Bulldogs will also have seen the TCU tape where Chauncey Collins was wide open the entire first half.

Justin Gray will be pivotal crashing the boards and providing his spark of energy.

Keenan Evans, Gotcher and the rest of the guards will have their hands full with a team that shoots % 38 plus from beyond the arc.


He's coached in the dance 17 times. He's won it all. He knows what to do.

It's Tubby Time.


Texas Tech v Iowa State
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I think Aaron Ross is going to find his form again and Toddrick Gotcher will hit some big 3's continuing his great final season.

On defense, Zach Smith will lead the block party and dominate the paint and the boards along with Matt Temple, Odiase and Gray.

On offense Smith will provide 2 or more highlight reel dunks in a 72-69 win on route to playing Virginia in the second round.

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