Want to be a modern gentleman? Better learn how to tie a tie, style your hair with water, and communicate with people by actually talking to them. Sounds exhausting.

A British magazine called "Country Life" just released a list of the things a 21st century gentleman never does. Here are the top 10...

1.  Wear a pre-tied bowtie.

2.  Drink Malibu coconut rum.

3.  Buy bright-colored pants.

4.  Tweet.

5.  Put product in his hair.

6.  Write with a cheap ballpoint pen.

7.  Forget his wristwatch.

8.  Walk out on a play.

9.  Own a cat.

10.  Finish his food before everyone else.

(Country Life

(You can also see their list of the things a gentleman ALWAYS does here...including "make love on his elbows.")  (???)