If you say "The Eagles," chances are you're going to immediately think of "Hotel California." Not that there's anything wrong with that. Probably can't even help yourself.

But while so many of the Eagles' greatest songs were sung by Don Henley, it's easy to forget you could make you own greatest hits album of just songs that Glenn Frey sung. As the Eagles progressed, even Frey admitted that Henley "could sing the phonebook." As the years passed, Frey sang fewer songs on each album, but what he sang was usually huge. He held the good stuff for himself.

Glenn Frey was the band's rock 'n' roll conscience. Not in a moral sense, but before the band added Joe Walsh and Don Felder, it was Frey that kept pushing the band to a harder sound. The Eagles were known for their laid back 'California sound,' but Frey kept them tough.

Here's a playlist of huge hits and deep cuts that tell Glenn's story the best from his time in the Eagles. Thanks for the music, Glenn.

Ultimate Glenn Frey Eagles Playlist

  1. "Outlaw Man" from the album Desperado
  2. "Out of Control" from the album Desperado

We're starting with a couple of deep cuts here, just to remind you that Glenn Frey had one of the great howling rock and roll voices of all time -- when he cut loose, there was no doubt. These two songs show that the Eagles could certainly have gone in an even harder direction if they wanted to.

  1. "Lyin' Eyes" from the album One of These Nights
  2. "Heartache Tonight" from the album The Long Run

Toward the end of the Eagles' run, Frey had fewer lead vocals on songs, but when he did, they were monster hits. He led the band to a Grammy award for 1975's "Lyin' Eyes."

  1. "Ol' 55" from the album On The Border
  2. "New Kid In Town" from the album Hotel California

Just in case you needed any more proof that he was as good a balladeer as a rocker. Tom Waits' "Ol' 55" was an amazing song from 1974 that should have been a bigger hit, if you ask me. "New Kid" was the first No. 1 single from the juggernaut that was Hotel California.

  1. "Already Gone" from the album On The Border
  2. "James Dean" from the album On the Border

Let's get back to rocking. The album On the Border was the band's first chance to really move beyond "country rock" into something larger. They beefed up the sound and asked guitar virtuoso Don Felder to join them. Frey would retreat to being more of a songwriter for the band.

  1. "Peaceful Easy Feeling" from the album Eagles
  2. "Tequila Sunrise" from the album Desperado
  3. "Take It Easy" from the album Eagles

If you mention Glenn Frey's name, chances are that these three songs are the first to pop into your head. Indeed, they were some of the biggest hits from the band's early years.

  1. "You Are Not Alone" from the album Long Road Out of Eden

We end with a fitting coda to Glenn's career and from what would be the Eagles' last album together in 2007.

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