After a tragic mass shooting, you always hear a lot about the killer. Everyone knows his name, and what he looks like.  We believe the victims deserve our attention . . . they're the ones who deserve to be remembered.

6-year-old Veronica Moser-Sullivan. Veronica just learned to swim and was ready to start first grade.  Her mother was critically injured, and kept asking about Veronica as she was being treated for a bullet in the neck.

18-year-old A.J. Boik. A.J. just graduated high school and was getting his career going as a distributor for a coffee company.  He went to see the movie with his girlfriend and one of his closest friends, who both survived.

23-year-old Micayla Medek. Micayla was putting herself through Community College in Aurora and working at Subway.  Her family didn't learn of her death until 19 hours after the shooting.

24-year-old Jessica Ghawi. Jessica was an aspiring sports reporter who, believe it or not, survived a mass shooting at a mall in Toronto JUST LAST MONTH.  She was interning at the Fox station in Denver.

24-year-old Alex Teves. Alex was a recent graduate from the University of Denver with a master's in counseling psychology.  He took a bullet pushing his girlfriend to the ground to save her life.

26-year-old Jonathan Blunk. Jonathan was a five-year Navy veteran who was about to fly home to Reno on Saturday to see his wife, his four-year-old daughter, and his two-year-old son.  His daughter keeps listening to a voicemail he left her.

27-year-old John Larimer. John was a third generation Naval officer from Illinois and the youngest of five children.  His unit was stationed in Colorado and he went to see the movie with some friends.

27-year-old Matt McQuinn. Matt moved to Denver with his girlfriend last November.  He died heroically, providing cover from the bullets for his girlfriend, who survived.

27-year-old Alex Sullivan. Alex went to the movie to celebrate his birthday and his first anniversary with his wife.  He Tweeted, quote, "Oh man one hour til the movie and it's going to be the best birthday ever."

29-year-old Jesse Childress. Jesse was an Air Force staff sergeant on active duty at Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado.  He died protecting a friend and fellow member of the Air Force.

32-year-old Rebecca Wingo. Rebecca joined the Air Force out of high school, learned Chinese, and served as a translator.  She was the mother of two young girls, one of whom is about to start kindergarten.

51-year-old Gordon Cowden. Gordon was the oldest person murdered in the shooting.  He was a small business owner who took his two teenagers to see the movie.  They both survived.

Here's a photo of all 12 victims: