Hallowed ground and a rich piece of Texas history that continues to remind and inspire Texans about our fight for freedom, or a tourist trap that underwhelms and isn't even worth the free cost of admission?

San Antonio is a tourist destination in Texas, and with that comes tourist traps. Most would probably point to different locations along the Riverwalk as tourist traps, but the website Business Insider labeled the Alamo as the biggest tourist trap in Texas.

That's right -- in the entire state of Texas, the Alamo is the biggest tourist trap according to Business Insider.

Writers Amy Daire and Sophie-Claire Hoeller apparently found the Alamo to be too boring and "small":

Remember the Alamo? More like, spend a day at the Alamo and you'll remember to never go back. The building's remains are so small they consistently disappoint visitors.

History buffs might get a kick out of it for an hour or so, but looking at a picture will suffice for most.


A column in the San Antonio Express News lays out a pretty good rebuttal to the piece from Business Insider.

While the writers at Business Insider may not appreciate a huge piece of Texas history, it's good to see many Texans rallying around the Alamo and recognizing that the Alamo is hallowed ground and a piece of history that all Americans should see.

Maybe the authors will be glad to know that a major overhaul of the Alamo's grounds is in the works.

While the Alamo was listed among true tourist traps in the U.S., the authors also declared the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania a tourist trap because, "it's small and broken." Unbelievable.

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