It was in the early days of the Year of Our Lord 2021 that we noticed and wrote about a possible change of ownership to the former Cattle Baron location at 82nd and Quaker. You can see that article hereHowever, there may or may not be a development in this saga.

With the exception of the old logo on the front door, the old "Cattle Baron" signage has been removed from the building, which would normally be an indicator that something new was coming soon. However, the "Sold" banner on the developers sign out front that faces 82nd Street has also vanished, leaving us in a state of culinary limbo.

Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media
Lance Ballance, Townsquare Media

Has the building been sold? Or are they continuing to prep the property for the possibility of a new tenant that has yet to be lined up?

There is a new message by the front door that states clearly that trespassers are not welcome on the property. Since we aren't much for rules, we still peeked inside, yet noticed that nothing had changed. The tables are still in place, along with the salt shakers, etc.

So, is someone new going to move in there or not? We've placed a couple of calls to the developer, and also to the city to find out if anything has changed. However, we've not heard back as of yet. If it looks like there’s activity on the site, we will update the story.

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