With the Olympics just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to imagine the games being played in Lubbock...not London. But, in what events would the athletes compete? Well, we need to make a few up!

I'm looking for ORIGINAL ideas. It's Lubbock, Texas...there are plenty of games we could make up for our competitors to compete in! We have crazy weather, crazy people, weird landmarks, a college full of drunken students and a city council that's just BEGGING to be mocked.

We also have a power company that's having a ridiculous amount of trouble just keeping the street lights on. Hey! There's one right there: 'The LP&L Triathlon'!

Competitors must boil a cup of water, brush their teeth without getting 'the trots' and write the check to pay their light bill...IN THE DARK!

Now give me YOURS!

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