I didn't even know Triple J Chophouse had a leader board for the most steak eaten but they do. And now the record is 69 ounces, which is almost 6 pounds!

In Amarillo the Big Texan challenge is 72 ounces, and that's a world famous food challenge. Now the new record at Triple J Chophouse is 69 ounces by someone identified only as "Big John".

If you think you can beat this record head on down to the Depot District and pack it in. Just don't blame me for the meat hangover.

Also don't feel intimidated yet. The record for the 72 ounce challenge at the Big Texan is currently held by a 124 pound lady named Molly Schuyler. Not only did she beat the challenge, but she ate 3 of the full meal challenges AND 72 ounce steaks in 20 minutes flat! That's 216 ounces of just steak, or 18 pounds! Plus she had to eat the shrimp cocktails, baked potatoes, salads, and rolls, and she crammed them all down. So beat this.

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