It's refreshing to see that even in this anti-bullying era, when bullies aren't allowed to tell you you're ugly anymore, people still want to call THEMSELVES ugly.

The hottest cell phone app in the WORLD right now is called Ugly Meter. And it just does one thing: It scans your face and tells you how ugly you are on a scale of one to 10.

The app analyzes your face and looks for symmetry, proportions, and overall bone structure...so things like makeup or facial hair don't really affect the outcome. It wants to get to the root of your attractiveness.

Now, naturally, attractiveness is subjective in a lot of ways...so you shouldn't be DEVASTATED if it tells you you're a seven or eight on the ugliness scale.

The app costs 99 cents in the iPhone and Android app stores. Since it became a phenomenon, the creators say they've pulled in more than $500,000.

Even though it's popular, it's got pretty bad reviews from users. But if you're willing to drop a buck on this thing, here are links for the Apple and Android versions.

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