It was only a matter of time before we wrote an article about this unique vehicle.


You may have spotted this Jeep rolling around the Hub City recently. Dozens of photos of it have been spreading across local Facebook pages. We might have another famous Lubbock car on our hands.

Move over, Cocaine and Hookers car, the flamingo mobile is giving you a run for your money.

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I guess the theme they're going for is summer? I'm not exactly sure. I see lots of flamingos, a sun, some leafy foliage and a bit of a grass skirt or something across the bottom. There are even Tiki torches sticking out of it. Maybe a few pineapples? I'm not sure. It's hard to tell. Sticking all kinds of stuff to a $50,000 car seems weird, but hey, you only live once and Lubbock is kind of boring. So why not?

It sort of makes you wonder if the driver lost a bet or something and had to dress up his ride. I'm pretty curious. Hopefully, this article makes its way to him so we can ask him a few questions. I wonder if he dresses it up for all of the holidays. Hmmm...

Do you have a favorite weird Lubbock car? We'd love to hear about it. You can submit photos in a message to our Facebook page and maybe we'll shine a little spotlight on it.

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