After the 'Dark Knight Rises' shooting, the gun control debate has fallen along typical lines.

Gun control advocates cited it as a prime example of the need for more gun control.  While pro-gun people cited it as an example of THEIR position . . . with less gun control, other people in the theater would've been armed and shot the guy.

It appears the people of Colorado have sided with the latter.

Since the shooting, there's been a MASSIVE SPIKE in people applying for background checks to purchase guns in Colorado.  There's been a 43% increase . . . which has made this the busiest gun sales week in Colorado all year.

That's not the first time that's happened, either.  After the shooting in Arizona last year, and after the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007, both of those states also saw double-digit jumps in background checks and gun sales.

(Denver Post / Gawker)

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