You would expect to find a few implants at a strip club. These days, you'd expect to find more implants than naturals at some places. But to find an implant, just lying around? That's not where they go.

The Health Inspector's Department did a routine health inspection at Cassidy's Polo Club on June 23rd. Of the nine demerits the club received (which isn't a good number by the way), the most egregious violation in my opinion is that there was a "breast implant found inside bar utensil holder."

How is that ever a possibility? Considering the other citations about the club's cleanliness, I would assume this isn't a popular lunch spot for local doctors. And even if it was, those people don't just carry random implants around with them, do they?

I mean, did one of the dancers lose it? Wouldn't they have noticed that almost immediately?


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