We know everyone is a bit bored during the quarantine, but 24-year-old Kimberly Camacho (a.k.a. @kimothyyyyy on TikTok) has found a unique cure for her boredom: teaching celebrity impersonations.

The singer and actress told BuzzFeed that she does impressions for fun and thought that posting some on TikTok would make the time in quarantine go by quicker.

Her videos typically start with her mimicking a celebrity, but she doesn't stop there: She continues by giving people a lesson on how to specifically sound like that particular person.

She teaches people the three most unique parts of that celebrity voice so that if they are interested in mimicking that celebrity, they can learn.

So if you want to sound like Britney Spears...

...or Billie Eilish...

...Kimberly's got you covered!

And while you can always sing along to your favorite songs, if none of these artists suit you, don't worry. She has another video about how to sing in a specific kind of genre:

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