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Over the weekend, the New York Times highlighted Lubbock as one of the Texas cities that has seen a spike in coronavirus case numbers over the past few weeks.

Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope spoke to The Times and made a personal revelation: two members of his immediate family have tested positive Coronavirus. From their story:

"(Pope) was working out of the conference room [of Citizens Tower], rather than his 11th floor office, because his adult daughter, who lives in town, had recently tested positive for the coronavirus. His younger brother had also been infected, he said."

Mayor Pope went on to say to The Times that he is "clean" concerning the coronavirus.

Through July 5th, Lubbock County has 2,861 total cases of the coronavirus: 1,415 are active, 1,389 people have recovered, and 56 people have died. Seventy-one people are hospitalized, with 37 of those in the ICU.

Last Friday, Mayor Pope produced another video for his Facebook page, discussing the latest with COVID-19 in Lubbock:

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