We all know oil is big business. And in Texas there's lots of oil. If you can find it you can make yourself rich. Just like two former Texas Tech students who just became billionaires.

Cody Campbell and John Sellers were both on the Texas Tech football team. They had played together in Canyon in high school, and continued through their college careers. Cody even played with the Colts after graduation but retired after an injury. A few years later he and John decided to team up in business together. Together they started Double Eagle Energy Permian LLC which sold oil leases. they had a huge sale  in 2013 for $251 million! But soon after the oil bust rolled through. Now that the boom is creeping up again they've hit the biggest deal ever for their company, and probably many other companies too! they just finalized the sale of 71,000 acres to Parsley Energy out of Austin for $2.8 BILLION with a B!

Congratulations gentlemen! You're helping bring more positive attention to our University and our community too.

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