It's a new year and many of us have included in our New Year's Resolutions to eat better and become healthier. If that's you, Market Street has your back with the 28 Day Challenge.

Corporate Dietician with the United Family, Brenda Duby, stopped by the studio today to discuss the 28 Day Challenge. First, why 28 days? According to Duby, it takes roughly 21 days to create a habit and 28 days to create a lifestyle. What many people want is not only a diet, but a lifestyle change.

During the 28 Day challenge, Market Streets adds something new for your new lifestyle. This first week we are supposed to add a multivitamin or supplement to our lives. Duby suggested Vitamin D and probiotics. Duby said you can get probiotics in pill form but she recommended getting them in food form, like with yogurt.

You can hear the full interview above with some great tips on kick-starting your 28 Day Challenge from Market Street.

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