Before we get to the holidays, we have some less-fun things to deal with: accelerated work deadlines, shopping lists, overloaded schedules, and planning, planning, planning.

United Supermarkets Corporate Dietician Brenda Garcia and her team have been cooking up ideas for making the most of this special time:

1) Manage your stress. Focus on the basics like getting 6-8 hours of sleep a night, drinking 8 cups of water a day, and taking your vitamins and minerals. All these things can help you recharge so stress doesn't affect your physical and mental health.

2) Don't skip the exercise. Even if you can't hit the gym every day, Garcia's team has ideas for staying active that they share on their blog, Happy + Nourished, here.

3) Find joy in the small things. Seriously, take the time to enjoy Fruit Grinch Skewers and Celery Reindeer with your family. Indulge in your favorite treats in moderation. Savor the perfect wine with a good meal.

4) Take advantage of smart time-savers. Ready Meals at United Supermarkets offer healthy, prepped options for those times you are pinched for time. Happy + Nourished has some additional tips here for prepping for those bigger meals, too.

Overall, Happy + Nourished is stuffed with recipes, nutrition ideas, and product recommendations. If you scroll to the bottom of their main page, you can sign up for their newsletter, which sends you helpful tips and ideas right to your inbox!

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