Mother's Day is on Sunday and the last thing you want to do is forget about Mom. At United Supermarkets, they can help you make this Mother's Day special. Brenda Duby joined me this week to discuss all the things you can get at United Supermarkets that will make your Mom happy.

One great thing you can do for Mom? Don't make her cook! At United Supermarkets you can pick up some of the great house-smoked turkey that's already cooked. If Mom isn't in the mood for turkey, take a look around at some of the other meat at United and cook Mom a great meal! Duby also suggested picking up cherries which are back in the stores and make for great snacks that can even go on salads.

Of course you also don't want to forget about flowers. United Supermarkets has you covered with their floral department. You can also get cards and so much more for Mom at United Supermarkets.

Check out the video above for more great ideas for Mother's Day.

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