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We're truly living in the future, boys and girls.

TikToker @allywest posted a video of a robot at a Chili's Grill & Bar coming over to her table to sing "The Happy Birthday Song" to her's pretty bizarre. The video quickly went viral.

Is this the future of restaurant servers? How long until Lubbock restaurants replace their human servers with robots? Asking for a friend.

Yeah, nothing creepy about that.

This isn't the first restaurant robot I've seen a video of, and it looks like they just might become a real thing over the next couple of years. I'm not sure if a robot can do this tough job as well as an actual person, but if it helps a busy restaurant during rush hour then maybe it's a good thing. I'm not sure yet. Sort of conflicted about it, honestly.

A robot that could bus tables would be pretty awesome, but it doesn't look like they're quite ready for difficult tasks like that. They do, however, seem helpful to carry larger orders out. The nifty trash receptacle in the bottom might also prove useful while a waiter is cleaning up their section after customers leave.

It's all a little bit weird, but if I owned a restaurant and could get free labor out of a robot, I might look into it. It looks like restaurant robots go for about $10,000 online right now.

What do you think about it? Are they a good thing or a bad thing? Do you think Lubbock needs some robots like these? Comment on our Facebook page.

Check out the weird restaurant robot TikTok below:

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