When "Breaking Bad" stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul  first read their scripts for the show's finale, they were together...AND they were being filmed.

The video is one of the special features on the show's complete series box set, which will be released TOMORROW.  But there's already a clip of it on YouTube.

They both seem STOKED about the ending...but Aaron sounds a little overwhelmed. He says, quote, "Oh man, I feel sad.  It's great. I mean, it's, uh, perfect."

They're reading it out loud, so obviously there are SPOILERS for anyone who somehow doesn't know the ending yet.  Here's the video. Note: This is the set that also has "Breaking Bad's" "Newhart"-inspired "alternate ending."

By the way, here's video of Aaron talking about an old prank, where he convinced one of his roommates that METEORS were crashing into their backyard.  He has mentioned the prank in previous interviews.

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