With no major wide releases in theaters last weekend, the top five slots on the box office chart remained exactly the same, with Pixar’s Coco reigning supreme for the second straight week. The latest film from Disney’s animation wizards grossed another $26.1 million, raising its 10-day domestic total to $108 million. Here’s the full box office chart, via Box Office Mojo:

FilmWeekendPer ScreenTotal
1Coco$26,114,000 (-48%)$6,550$108,689,404
2Justice League$16,580,000 (-59%)$4,340$197,335,921
3Wonder$12,500,000 (-44%)$3,624$88,032,623
4Thor: Ragnarok$9,659,000 (-42%)$3,068$291,406,599
5Daddy’s Home 2$7,500,000 (-43%)$2,204$82,814,446
6Murder on the Orient Express$6,700,000 (-49%)$2,093$84,772,513
7Lady Bird$4,543,990 (+12%)$3,806$17,089,441
8Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri$4,530,000 (+3%)$3,168$13,670,520
9The Star$4,000,000 (-42%)$1,417$27,279,653
10A Bad Moms Christmas$3,480,000 (-28%)$1,546$64,831,823

For the time being, Coco is still the lowest-grossing movie in Pixar history, but that won’t last long. It should pass The Good Dinosaur’s totals, both foreign and domestic, in the next week or two. (Poor The Good Dinosaur. He was not, in fact, a very good dinosaur.) Depending on how Coco holds in theaters, it could also pass both Cars 3 and A Bug’s Life to nudge its way a little higher up that list of Pixar movies.

In second place once again was Justice League, the latest installment in the DC Extended Universe. Dropping a not-great-Bob 60 percent, the film, directed by Zack Snyder with an uncredited assist from Joss Whedon, made just $16.5 million in theaters last weekend. With $197 million so far in U.S. theaters, it’s still almost a full $100 million behind Man of Steel, which was the previous lowest grossing movie in the DCEU. (Its worldwide totals are similar; Justice League has grossed $567 million internationally so far, which is almost exactly $100 million behind Man of Steel’s $668 million.) Given the fact that the movie combines several major franchises (including Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, the star of her own much more successful film this summer), these are all disappointing numbers. And here’s one more alarming statistic: After 17 days in American multiplexes, Justice League still hasn’t matched The Avengers’ opening weekend ($207 million). Yikes.

Like last week, third, fourth, and fifth places on the box office chart belonged to WonderThor: Ragnarok, and Daddy’s Home 2. So here are a few other chart notes: Murder on the Orient Express is, very quietly, shaping into a solid hit for Fox. The Agatha Christie mystery with an all-star cast has now grossed $84.7 million domestically, more than the holiday comedy Daddy’s Home 2 (which cost about $15 million more to make). Both Lady Bird and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri continue to perform well as they expand around the country; both are now on over 1,000 screens and each grossed over $4 million last weekend.

The big new films for the weekend were all limited releases. Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water, a cross between Beauty and the Beast and Creature From the Black Lagoon, grossed an impressive $83,400 on two nationwide screens, for the best per-screen average of the weekend. James Franco’s The Disaster Artist, a comedy about the making of the notorious bad movie The Room, earned an average of $64,000 on 19 screens, giving it a $1.2 million debut weekend. (Tommy Wiseau would have killed for those numbers.) And back in theaters for its 20th anniversary, Titanic grossed another $415,000 on 87 screens, proving once again that your heart did indeed go on.

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