In another weekend with few notable new wide releases, the box office chart had little change from the previous week. For the third straight time, Pixar’s Coco took the top spot, with $18.3 million in U.S. theaters. Here’s the full chart, and then some more analysis.

FilmWeekendPer ScreenTotal
1Coco$18,303,000 (-33%)$4,883$135,508,690
2Justice League$9,595,000 (-42%)$2,735$212,060,471
3Wonder$8,450,000 (-30%)$2,401$100,303,106
4The Disaster Artist$6,435,514 (+431%)$7,661$8,032,288
5Thor: Ragnarok$6,291,000 (-36%)$2,065$301,156,064
6Daddy’s Home 2$6,000,000 (-20%)$1,839$91,159,459
7Murder on the Orient Express$5,100,000 (-24%)$1,593$92,707,515
8The Star$3,675,000 (-10%)$1,235$32,279,046
9Lady Bird$3,547,469 (-17%)$2,278$22,331,138
10Just Getting Started$3,181,000$1,472$3,181,568

The only new wide release of the weekend was Just Getting Started, and it better hope so; in its debut in theaters it grossed just $3.1 million and barely cracked the top ten. With little else in the way of new competition, Coco stayed strong for another weekend. It passed The Good Dinosaur on the list of Pixar releases’ all-time grosses and should top Cars 3’s domestic total in the next week or two. Worldwide, it has made $389 million so far.

The big new addition to the top five this week was The Disaster Artist, James Franco’s hilarious film about the making of The Room, one of the notorious bad movies of all time. The Disaster Artist had already done well in select theaters the week before, but it translated surprisingly well to wider release. In 840 theaters around the country, it grossed $6.4 million, good enough for fourth place on the box office chart ahead of heavy hitters like Thor: Ragnarok. I don’t know how much The Disaster Artist needs to make to turn a profit, but The Room reportedly cost $6 million, so there’s some poetic irony in the film about it grossing about that much in its first weekend of wide release.

Other notes from a relatively quiet weekend in movie theaters: Wonder, with Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay, has now grossed $100 million domestically. That makes it Roberts’ first $100 million hit since 2010’s Valentine’s Day. (Her last before that was 2004’s Ocean’s Twelve.Justice League has now made $212 million, which means that after 24 days in release it finally topped the total The Avengers made in three ($207 million). Daddy’s Home 2 and Murder on the Orient Express should both pass $100 million soon as well.

The highest per-screen average of the weekend belonged to I, Tonya, the new biopic about the life of notorious figure skater Tonya Harding. At four locations around the country, the dark comedy grossed an impressive average of $61,401. Several of the big awards contenders continued to hold well in limited release; Call Me By Your NameThe Shape of Water, and Darkest Hour all posted five-digit per-screen averages. We’ll see how they do next weekend when a small indie named Star Wars arrives in our galaxy.

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