Just looking at this pizza, you can’t tell that it’s unlike any other pizza, right? And honestly, tasting it doesn’t reveal anything different either. But the truth about this pizza may surprise you! It’s made with a cauliflower crust.

Now, if you’ve been around at all lately, you've seen -- and perhaps even jumped on -- this cauliflower craze. Whether it’s just to be healthier, to lose weight, or due to an illness, cauliflower seems to be making its way into a lot of kitchens these days.

Cauliflower is replacing things like mashed potatoes, bread sticks, chips, and now, pizza crust. And after biting into this pizza, I have to say, BRAVO!

There are several different cauliflower pizza crusts out there, from frozen to homemade to this one that I found at Pie Five Pizza in Lubbock. This particular crust was only going to be available for a few weeks at Pie Five, but they suddenly realized by the overwhelming response that it needed to be a permanent addition to their menu.

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