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Ronnie James Dio, more commonly just referred to as Dio, is a rock creator god. If Ozzy is Zeus, then Dio is Cronus, the Titan father of many generations of metal vocalists.

Shaping metal out of the dust of more primordial forms of rock with horn-shaped hands, Dio set the style, the attitude, the themes and the standard for metal vocals and lyrics. I'm so happy he's getting a proper documentary and not a rock biopic.

Dio: Dreamers Never Die promises to be what we all want to actually see in a rockumentary: an earnest, honest look into the life and career of a rocker we respect and admire. You know Dio is the real deal when actor and musician Jack Black can barely contain himself during his commentary. His joy is infectious.

Dio is too noble, too venerated for a rock biopic to work. In fact, I think none of them work. Rock biopics are glossed-over, heavily-edited, cartoon versions of artists that were complex, complicated and ultimately human. I find them distasteful and dishonest.

Dio: Dreamers Never Die is an estate-sanctioned documentary with never before seen footage and photos, and plenty of appearances from Dio's nearest and dearest rocker friends, like the legendary Lita Ford. Theatrical screenings will include bonus "cutting room floor" footage as well. Showings begin on Wednesday, September 28th.

Dio: Dreamers Never Die is playing at Lubbock's Alamo Drafthouse Theater September 28th at 9 p.m. and Sunday, October 2nd at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are available at the Dio: Dreamers Never Die website or at Alamo Drafthouse's website or box office.

Watch the trailer for Dio: Dreamers Never Die

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