Have you seen a fox around town? They are roaming the streets of Lubbock as we speak, especially after dark.

According to Texas Tech University Masters Program researcher Chris Carter, who is investigating wildlife in Lubbock in a new project, most of the foxes are gray. That might lead residents to mistake a fox for one of the thousands of cats spotted around the Hub City.

"We've seen a lot of foxes, especially grays, we've seen a few red foxes, but we've seen a lot of grey foxes, not near as many cats.. as cats," Carter said.

He said they split everything into one square kilometer areas and that each area had at least one fox spotted in their two weeks of study so far. Carter added that some areas have more.

According to Carter, the foxes they've seen are about the size of a cat. However, the foxes and cats aren't interacting and just going about their business.

He explained that foxes can climb trees and can scale a privacy fence with no problem. He said most often they make their den in big trees.

Other than the standard caution that needs to be taken with all wildlife, Carter said there was no evidence of aggression from the foxes toward humans or other animals. He said they are primarily active at night, but are shy and most likely to move away quickly if they realize they've been seen.

The main areas they have been spotted in so far are LCU and The Rush District. The study is focused inside The Loop.

If you see wildlife, take a picture, include date and location and email to ttu.urbanwildlife@gmail.com

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