If you've ever wanted to own a car with a really cool story to tell, this weekend is your opportunity. Flat 12 Gallery is auctioning off 16 celebrity vehicles at the Dan Kruse Auction in Midland.

I'm sure you're asking what exactly constitutes a "celebrity" car. Well for this auction Flat !2 Gallery has a long list of vehicles from movies, TV, music, and just some stuff that was owned by a famous person. Including rides like a Camaro owned by Kevin Dillon from Entourage, Ryan Gosling's Chevy from the movie Drive, Elvis Presley's Jeep from the movie Tickle Me, a Mayans MC motorcycle from Sons Of Anarchy, 2 Toyota trucks from the History Channel's show Six, a Mustang from MTV's show Awkward, and a 1953 Zundapp motorcycle from AMC's Mad Men, Face-Off, Criminal Minds, and more. Click through the picture gallery to see what's for sale.

The actual auction is happening this weekend in Midland at The Horseshoe. Plus you can bid online. Oh and all of these cars are selling at no reserve which means whatever is the highest price is the buying price. You actually might be able to afford one of these cars! But even if you can't, at least you can see them here.

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