“People of Walmart” Song [VIDEO]
You're probably heard of the website PeopleOfWalmart, where people post pictures of the freaks they encounter at America's biggest retail store. But now the pictures have inspired a catchy song, aptly titled the "People of Walmart Song". See it and sing along on the next page!
“Ultime Dog Tease” is a YouTube Sensation [VIDEO]
Some guy took a video of himself and his dog and edited it to sound like the two of them were having a conversatiion about food. Sounds kinda dumb, I know. It is dumb. It's also HI-larious! You'll see what I mean when you watch it on the next page!
Slumber Saturday!
I enjoy Saturday. I like to sleep in, then brew a pot of coffee and start my day. Usually around noon I am ready to go do whatever I can think to do. Not the case on this particular Saturday.
Smokey and The Bandit!
"Sir, the reason I stopped you today is that you were speeding. Is there an emergency or a reason for your speed?" Really?! I ask you, is there a reasonable answer to that question that will get anyone out of a speeding ticket? How about, "I haven't had a ticket for anything i…

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