Being from Texas, I'm no stranger to town nicknames. I'm from Fort Worth, so Cowtown is the popular nickname, Big D for Dallas and so on.

But after living in West Texas for a while, I've heard a lot of nicknames for Texas cities. And some of them aren't all sunshine and roses.

So, here are the top 10 slightly offensive Texas town nicknames.

Hopefully we can all just have a good laugh about it. Remember: it's not the name or nickname that makes a town, but the people who live in it.

Does your hometown have a slightly offensive nickname? Take our poll and let us know.
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    Lubbuttocks (Lubbock)

    I have heard Lubbock referred to this and when I moved here years ago, it was still a small town with a lot of dirt and not much else. So although I don't think it's applicable today, years ago I would have agreed.

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    Abernasty (Abernathy)

    I've heard this, I just haven't ever talked to anyone who knows why Abernathy has this nickname. But I also know a lot of people who live in Abernathy who love it.

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    Slo-deatha (Odessa)

    We have family who live in Odessa and they do actually call it this.  The oil boom has brought a lot of prosperity to the Midland and Odessa areas, but a lot of people just don't see Odessa in a very positive light.

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    Brown Town (Brownfield)

    With a name like Brownfield, the nickname is really a no-brainer.  Especially during one of our famous West Texas dust storms or full blown haboob.

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  • 5

    Crackertown (Graham)

    I spent a lot of my childhood living at Possum Kingdom Lake and in Graham. They nicknamed it Crackertown because of Graham crackers, but also the town used to be inhabitated mostly by caucasians.

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  • 6

    Whiskeyta Falls (Wichita Falls)

    I went to college in Wichita Falls and it was called this nickname dating back to the early bootlegging days. Wichita Falls isn't a very big town, and a lot of people say that one of the only things to do there is drink. I know I helped it live up to the nickname when I went to school there. They do have a man made 'falls' now, though.

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  • 7

    Koo-Cacky (Newcastle)

    Newcastle is a very small town about 16 miles from Graham. It was a huge coal mining town back in the day.  Known as Koo-cacky because a lot of the population has always been and remains a little out there, a little wacky, a little kooky.

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  • 8

    Armadillo, Wham-Bam-arillo, Slam-arillo (Amarillo)

    Truckers refer to it as Armadillo. The other two nicknames refer to Armadillo being a big "hook up" town. Really?! I wouldn't have ever thought that. Wow.

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  • 9

    Frisky Ho (Frisco)

    I haven't ever heard this, but one of our interns who is from there said it's a common nickname. So depending on how you roll, it's a reason to go, or not to go, to Frisco.

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  • 10

    New Ho (New Home)

    I've heard this from younger people who live in New Home and I think it's nothing more than a slight on their small town's name and a "trendy" nickname. The older people from New Home definitely don't call it this.

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