Lubbock has a rich history built on memorable businesses that, though closed, bring a hint of nostalgia of how things once were. Here are five of them.

With Lubbock growing more and more each day, progress is welcomed. But sometimes it's good to look back at the things that have helped make Lubbock the 'big, small town' that it is today.

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    The Circle Drive-In

    The Circle Drive-in theater opened in 1949 at the corner of Ave. Q and Tahoka Hwy (I-27). Not only did the Circle Drive-In run new releases, they were most notorious for running adult films that could be seen by travelers on either road.

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    The Buffalo Beano Company

    The Buffalo Beano Company was started by Gary & Karen King and was known as much for its eclectic clothing, kites, skateboards and jewelry as for their tobacco paraphernalia. It was a sad day when it was sold to the McDougals for their Overton project. They were also a huge contributor each year in the FMX Kite Fly & Frisbee Fling.

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    The Joker Costume Shop

    This was the costume shop in Lubbock for years and also one of the best places to get party games and favors for kids and adults. (Emphasis on adults.) Basically, The Joker Costume Shop was doing what Spencer's does way before Spencer's was in Lubbock.

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    The Winchester Theater

    Open in 1966 at 50th & Indiana, the Winchester became The Winchester Twin in 1979, adding another theater.  The first movie to play there in 1966 was Doctor Zhivago.  It used to have a United Supermarket to the side of it and now it's home to Market Street and a tire shop.

    The Winchester Twin was closed in 1999 and demolished. It was the quintessential old-school theater with heavy velvet curtains over the screen. The smell of popcorn and musty carpet mingled together and it was greatness.

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    Dunlap's Department Store

    Founded in 1890 in Wagoner, Oklahoma by H.G. Dunlap, he opened 14 stores in West Texas and New Mexico. The headquarters moved to Lubbock in 1943.

    Dunlap's on 50th Street in Lubbock was one of the places to shop, offering true customer service -- down to handwritten tickets and receipts.

    They moved down a block to the building where Beall's is now at 50th & Boston. All Dunlap's stores closed in 2007.


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