In light of the celebration of Buddy Holly's birthday this past Labor Day at the Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock, we wanted to visit some stories regarding strange occurrences around his grave at the City of Lubbock Cemetery and his old homeroom class at Lubbock High School.

According to reports in Darrell Maloney's book Haunted Lubbock: Haunted Stories From the Hub of the Plains, people who have visited Holly's grave since the early 1970s have heard his music playing from time to time.

Granted, one story in the book tells of a prank that was pulled, with "Peggy Sue" playing softly from a cassette recorder.

But other accounts unrelated to the prank tell of some of Buddy's other less mainstream songs heard at the grave.

Other reports state that Holly's music has been heard coming from his homeroom class at Lubbock High School late at night, when the door was locked, the room dark and no one else in the building.

Have you ever experienced anything strange or possibly paranormal in either of those places? Share your stories in the comments.

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