Our friend Darrell Maloney has talked with many people who have had strange, weird or wonderfully unexplained things occur here in Lubbock.

We learned about quite a few of them in Darrell's first book, "Haunted Lubbock." Now, the stories continue in his follow up book, "Haunted Lubbock 2," which is due out by September 2016.

We asked Darrell to give us a glimpse into the new book and this story is pretty wild.

He said he spoke with a man who was working on the air conditioning at Broadway Church of Christ in 1977 and experienced something he couldn't explain.

The man said when he started working in one of the rooms in the church, a mist came out of the vents and "settled" in one part of the room and stayed there until the work was done.

At first, the rumor was that the "mist" was the ghost of a man who had died when they were building the bell tower to the church. However, Darrell investigated and found that no one had died in the church and the bell tower wasn't added until later years.

Darrell said that the man was convinced that it was an angel that watched over he and his crew, making sure that they were alright.

Regardless, the man telling the story believes he saw and was watched over by an angel.

There are worse things to believe in this world.

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