The 70th Annual ABC Pro Rodeo kicks off tonight with a fan favorite...MUTTON BUSTIN'!

If you don't know what Mutton Bustin' is all about, basically you strap your child to a sheep and see how long he or she can hang on. It's HI-larious!

Here's a couple of videos featuring kids holding on for dear life:

Wanna scar your child for life and make a memory your family will never forget? Bring $25 to the City Bank Coliseum by 4pm today. First 250 kids get to bust some mutton! The top 30 riders get to compete during the first three performances of the ABC Rodeo!

Contestants must be 4-7 years old and weigh no more than 55lbs. Protective vests and helmets will be provided.

I spoke with Rodeo chairperson Leslie Cox this morning...and she brought along the Rodeo Queen! Here's the audio:

For more information on all of the events this year, click HERE!