Another "after dentist" video has hit the web. This time it's a girl who just woke up from oral surgery and insists she's Hannah Montana.

At the beginning, she asks her mom to turn the camera away, because quote, "The paparazzi can't see me like this."  And when her mom laughs at her, she starts CRYING, and explains that Miley Cyrus is an imposter.

The best part is when she offers to sing a song and chooses "Party in the U.S.A."  Then she starts crying again, and complains about people who say her music videos are too slutty. Even if it's partly an act, the crying seems real.

She starts crying at :26, trash talks Miley at :53, and offers to sing at 1:14.  It might be even better than the girl from last month, who thought she'd murdered her wisdom teeth.


Hannah Montana At The Dentist - Watch More Funny Videos

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