There's a new wisdom teeth video. This time, it's a 17-year-old kid in Benson, North Carolina named Cody Lanphere.

He left the dentist recently, and like EVERY one of these videos, he's drugged up while his mom drives him home, she starts recording, and she eggs him on.

The difference here is that he freaked out because Beyoncé didn't show up for his oral surgery.

It turns out he wants to be a hip-hop dancer, and that's why he's so into her. But he was also just really out of it...because at one point he thought HE was Beyoncé

Another highlight is when his mom tells him that the dentist, Dr. French, said he had to keep gauze in his mouth until he got home. And he says, quote, "Well, Dr. French isn't American!  So what does SHE know?"

The video is 12 minutes long, but most of the best stuff happens in the first minute and 20 seconds.

At 2:58, he says he wants to go to Africa to see Beyoncé.  The Dr. French stuff happens around the four-minute mark. And by 10:45, he thinks HE'S Beyoncé.

Again, is it right to film your kid WHILE you're driving? And what the hell are they giving these kids? When I got my wisdom teeth out, there were no shenanigans. Probably because no one was pointing a CAMERA in my face.

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