If you want proof of the amazing effect our PETS have on us, check out a YouTube video called "My Dad with Our Dog".  

It was posted by a woman in Albuquerque named Lisa Abeyta, whose father has severe Alzheimer's, to the point where he can't even talk anymore. But for some reason he CAN TALK at certain times...to the family DOGS.

Most of the time it's to his own two dogs. But in the video, Lisa's dog Roscoe brings him a bone. And for a few seconds while he talks to the dog, it almost seems like he's perfectly fine.

Then he says what sounds like, "I'll take [care of] you.  And you take [care of] me."

Lisa says she posted the video to encourage people to spend more time with their parents while they still can.

And even though it's getting millions of hits, she hasn't signed up to make money off of it.  Because she says it's a tribute to her dad, and she doesn't want to cheapen it. You can read her blog posting about it at LisaABeyta.com.

(Daily Dot)