Earlier this year my podcast Skidmarks Show went to an awesome event called CarFest in San Antonio. the reason it was so awesome was because the main part of the event was fixing people's cars who couldn't afford to get them fixed themselves. An amazing charity. Now Lubbock has something just like it.

Wrench It Forward is a new nonprofit dedicated to helping people get their vehicles back on their wheels, and the people back on their feet. Especially in a town like Lubbock with almost no public transportation system, having a car is essential to everyday life. For a lot of people if their car isn't working, they can't get to their job. And if they can't get to their job, they can't fix their car, and they can't get to work, and they can't pay their bills, and the cycle continues downward.

But now thanks to Wrench It Forward and the great people there, they are trying to get these vehicles, and these families, back on the road to success. By fixing the safety issues with your car and making it legally drivable again, they are helping our entire community.

Now we all know nothing in life is free, and these repairs aren't magically done by tree elves. They still cost money. But that's where people like us can help. Whether you want to volunteer some time helping make repairs, or donate financially, Wrench It Forward is a great charity to give to. Check out their website here and see if there's a way you can help, or even if you need their help.

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