This is some fantastic REVENGE right here. It comes from the website Reddit,com, so I don't have a ton of details...but the ones I do have are gold.

There's a woman in Oregon who likes to brew sun tea on a picnic table in her apartment complex. That's the tea you brew by putting tea bags in a jar with some water, and leaving it out in the sun.

She's been doing it for years and never had a problem...until it was stolen TWICE in the past month. The first time was on the Fourth of July, and the second time was this past Saturday. But she just got some SWEET REVENGE.

She posted a message for the thief in her apartment complex, saying she'd PEED in the second batch they stole. Part of the note says, quote, "Someone's mother never taught them not to steal."

"Whomever stole the tea the second more than just tea, they got tea spiked with urine...I hope you enjoyed drinking my pee, you stupid, thieving, low-life [a-hole]!  Stealing is wrong!"

So basically, this woman totally gave up on brewing sun tea for herself for TWO WEEKS, just to lure the thief back with pee-filled decoy sun tea jars? That's a hardcore quest for vengeance right there.


Here's a photo of the sign she put up: