If you've lived in the Abilene area long enough, then you've probably heard people talk about the "holy dome". For those new to the area, or just not in the know, then I'll attempt to explain what it is and why we have one here in Abilene.

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First off, the Abilene "holy dome" doesn't really exist, but weather phenomena in our area just might imply that it actually does.

What exactly is the "holy dome" in Abilene?

As you know, Abilene has a "church on every corner" (171 churches, to be exact), so the "holy dome" is the mythical shield that churches use to blanket Abilene anytime wet weather is headed in our direction.

Basically, the holy dome is just a joke that was created about the lack of rain we get here in our area and how the weather avoids us.
Tornado Supercell in Texas
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We see it all the time, a massive storm appears to be coming our way only to split and go around Abilene right before it hits us. It's as if someone pushed a button to close the "dome" over our city.

Drought in Northern Texas
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Ah, now it makes sense. It's just a joke based on the thought that our churches control this town.

While that wet stuff from the sky often passes us by, we've still had some pretty incredible weather events in our area's history. Who knows, maybe that fateful day in 1909 is when Abilene decided to build a holy dome.

I guess one upside is that we don't have to worry about rain obstructing our beautiful sunsets here in West Texas.

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