Last night was date night for Omar and I, usually we go to a dinner and a movie, but instead we had dinner at the Alamo Drafthouse which was great!! We had tickets to the “Staff Training Days” at the Alamo Drafthouse.

If you don’t know what that is then let me sum it up by saying it has to be one of the coolest theaters I’ve ever been to! So you’re probably thinking how we got tickets, well its simple. Almost a month ago I signed up to be a Victory Rewards Member, its free and pretty simple! A Victory member is a rewards program that the Alamo Drafthouse does to show their appreciation to the guests. The kind of rewards you will get are free movie ticket on your birthday, at least two special offers each year, discounted movie tickets, invitations to sneak previews, and weekly emails and offers. Its pretty cool if you ask me! So people, go sign up for that you won’t be disappointed!

Now I have never been to a movie theater like this before so I really didn’t know what to expect, but it was freaking awesome! Omar and I arrived 30 minutes early like our confirmation said to, got our tickets and walked over to the bar. The atmosphere in the bar area is different! Its very laid back but still has class to it!

We saw Draft Day which was a good movie (for being a football movie). So once it was time to be seated we went our theater found our seats and watched the pre-show it had going on (Popeye is in the background playing)!! Every two seats there would be a table between them! On the table they have paper and pens so you can write your order down that way nobody has to talk or even disrupt people seating next to you!


The staff is very friendly and come right to your seat with your orders (food was delicious by the way)! I think I may have given Away more than I should have but it is definitely a place that we will be going back to very soon!

Alamo Drafthouse opens up on Friday for their grand opening! So I suggest you go to their website, and get your tickets now!

Date was a success once again! =)

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