The last two weeks in our Weird and Wonderful West Texas series have focused on the weird. This week, we wanted to concentrate on something wonderful.

I've been visiting Buffalo Springs Lake for many years and continue to do so. I headed to the DFW metroplex on vacation for a couple of days last month. But soon I made haste back to beautiful West Texas and sought refuge within the canyon and on the peaceful waters of Buffalo Springs Lake.

Starting in the early 1600s, the entire canyon comprised of Ransom Canyon and Buffalo Springs Lake were traveled by explorers, cowboys, Indians, traders and adventurers. All traveled this way because of the water source.

Ransom Canyon and Buffalo Springs Lake later became two separate entities and have thrived accordingly.

Many Lubbockites know of the lake, and even more have visited it regularly -- and still do. Being just a short 15 minute drive from Lubbock puts it high on my list of go-to spots. I grew up on a lake and love being on the water, so Buffalo Springs Lake is like home away from home.

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