Lubbock native Sara Perez had an opportunity to visit Ireland's Bunratty Castle, and what she encountered there is really weird.

Sara toured Bunratty Castle, which translated means "Castle at the Mouth of the Ratty (river)." It's a 15th century structure located in the center of Bunratty village, between Limerick and Ennis.

It was built in 1425 and restored in 1956. The castle is now a tourist attraction with tours, dinners and performances conducted there.

Sara took over 2,000 pictures on her trip, but one set is a mystery.

While taking pictures in the castle, Sara also took pictures of a piece of furniture that was older than the castle itself. She noticed the pictures were blurry and had a purple spot on them. She instantly thought it was a smudge on her camera, so she wiped the lens off with her scarf and staying "in one spot, pivoted to take other pictures around the piece of furniture, like the performers and scenery."

Those pictures were "clear as a bell," she explained. She then pivoted back to the piece and took more pictures and the piece and they, again, were blurry, and the purple spot had moved down toward the bottom of the picture.

So Sara, being absolutely confounded, took pictures of the antler room from the same vantage point, which were clear. She took one final shot of the piece before moving on and was taken off guard that the picture was "clear as a bell with no purple spot."

Sara said that the locals believe the castle to be haunted and have heard and seen strange things -- so much so that tourists visiting the castle must drink mead, which is a honey wine, so that the ghosts don't attach to you. What the heck?!

So, even though it's 'across the pond' in Ireland, the fact that this very unusual happening occurred to a Lubbock native makes it truly weird and wonderful.

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