One day, all our medicine should come in ice cream form. It would be a heck of a lot easier to get kids to take them...and probably the rest of us too.

There's an ice cream company in Ohio called Jeni's, and they're trying to pioneer the field of virus-fighting ice cream.  They're selling a new flavor called "Influenza Sorbet" which just might help you fight the flu.

Influenza Sorbet is made with cayenne pepper, ginger, honey, fruit juices and MAKER'S MARK WHISKEY! That combo is supposedly enough to take on all your flu symptoms, like sore throats, headaches, and congestion.

Jeni's says the flavor tastes like, quote, "a whiskey sour with a spicy kick."

They're selling it at for $12 a pint. Which is extremely expensive for a pint of ice cream. But if it works, it's DEFINITELY worth it.

(Huffington Post

You can order the ice cream here